Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Where's the Beef?

Today i went to a burger spot that i'm quite fond of. It's LBOE or Last Burger on Earth to the fancy types lol. This burger spot is located in the heart of Midtown on Overton Square at 2021 Madison Ave. This is in a prime food spot on the Square. There seems to always be another great food spot to visit on the Square every day and this is one of the best! 
I'm always on a constant search for a better burger and Memphis offers a great selection. Of all the burgers I've had, LBOE is definitely in my top 5. I've visited about 3 times and I've never gotten the same burger and each time i'm more impressed than the last. Today was no different. 

Today i went with the Madison Melt. OMG!! It was incredible! The burger was cooked perfectly Medium Well and the toppings were amazing. Ham, bacon, sauteed onions, Cheddar !! HEAVEN on a bun!! speaking of bun, their ciabatta buns are the best ever. They aren't hard and are lightly toasted giving them a great little crunch. Paired with a bag of VooDoo chips and it was a perfect lunch. 

If you haven't tried LBOE, you are truly missing out on a tasty burger!

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