Thursday, August 6, 2015

*Weekly Rant*

Something that has gotten me a bit upset during the past week is the response to the killing of Officer Sean Bolton. I do understand the climate these days in regards to police brutality and how some law enforcement personnel abuse their power. I'm not turning a blind eye to that in any way. That is terrible and has to stop. There should really be some law enforcement reform in this country. 

With that being said, i want to say that the way some people have responded is downright terrible and appalling. I've seen Facebook comments and posts saying that "the cop got what he deserved" "the cop was racist" "it's about time a cop was killed". When did it become OK to like or applaud a person's death? That's disgusting. I get that blacks are very upset and at the boiling point about police brutality and racial issues, but that doesn't make it right to go and kill a white person simply because you're mad. Come on people. 

There are also lots of half truths and misunderstandings when it comes to the justice system. Some believe the 9 million bond set on the killer was too high. They fail to admit or include that he's a convicted criminal and he was also in possession of a loaded weapon, violating the terms of his parole. I've also seen comparisons to the amount of bond for this incident to the bond for Dylann Roof in South Carolina. They have said he killed 9 people and was given a 1 million dollar bond. What they have failed to admit or include was that South Carolina does not set bond for murder charges. So he never would have gotten out, even if he paid the 1 million bond, which was for a weapons charge. 

THe other day, I saw a t-shirt with he killer on the front and it said he just wanted a fair trial. I don't understand why anyone would wear that shirt, unless they were completely out of touch with reality and facts. I believe people are using this incident to stir the pot of racial division and using it to further theor agenda. 

 I am all for equality for all people, but i can not condone the senseless killing of any person. What are your thoughts? DO you feel the bond was set too high? Do you feel it was a self defense killing? I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this unfortunate incident. 

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